Julia Kudina was born on February 22, 1992, in Krasnodar. In 2012, she graduated from the Institute of Primary Secondary Vocational Education at Kuban State University, majoring in “Environment Design”. At the moment, she is continuing her Master’s studies at the Kuban State University, at the Art and Graphic Faculty. She has been a member of the Union of Artists of Russia since 2016. For seven years, she has been trained by the Honored Artist of Russia Sergey Vorzhev. Since 2010, Julia has been working as a painting instructor and in 2017 she has opened her own art gallery. Since 2009, she has participated in domestic, federal, and international exhibitions and painting competitions.


Wonderful towns series painted by Julia Kudina in the 2010s


Julia Kudina is well-known artist from Russia. She is a member of Union of Russian Artists, participant of domestic exhibitions and international projects.

Julia was naturally attracted by art from an early age. She started to demonstrate her interest in drawing in kindergarten and insistently asked parents to send her to an artistic school. The artistic energy inherited from her grandmother demanded the way for implementation. Later on, her independence and determination become the foundation that helps the artist to be well on the way to her goals.

Julia graduated from the Ptashinskiy high school, one of the best in Russian institutions of additional education in culture for children, which gave a good start to many famous artists. This is the basic foundation, known for its methodical implementation of basic art principles and strong schooling of painting and graphic arts. After successful graduation from the first training level, Julia was accepted to the graphic arts department of Kuban State University as, specialty designer.

Having become Vorzhev’s student at his workshop, she deepens her knowledge in oil painting techniques, inspired by the uniqueness of the atmosphere she found herself in. Sergey Vorzhev is one of the few keepers of the secrets of the old oil painting masters, which he has mastered from the best specialists of Russia while working on restoration workshops of the Hermitage. Restoring damaged Dutch masterpieces with his own hands, he has brilliantly mastered their tricks, revealing the secrets of the technique. He successfully shares this knowledge with his students who, following the rule of the masters since the Renaissance, are engaged in copying paintings of the teachers first. At this well-established teaching structure, they advance their skills. Julia walked in the same track, created sustainable and balanced compositions of the Kuban nature, sunflowers, pumpkins, and smoked carp, widely describing the unique flavor of the simple life of the Kuban.

Абхазский натюрморт

Graphic series painted by Julia Kudina in the 2010s